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We equip professional photographers with the tools they need to provide excellent and meaningful DSLR photography classes for parents of all skill levels.

Because memories matter.

Are you ready to teach camera classes to parents?

With the Sweet Shots Instructor Pack, we give you everything you need to add camera classes to your business framework.

“AMAZING!!! This has helped my DSLR 101 class curriculum tremendously. Teaching the class is a breeze. No stressing the day before. Most importantly, my students totally love it!”
~ Jess Weinstock, Happy Togs

“[The Sweet Shots Instructor Pack is] pretty amazing & creative… if you have ever taught, or thought of teaching, a photography class, this is a great thing to check out!”
~ Tracy Joy, Prop Insanity


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What we offer:

Become an Instructor
Resources for Success
Great Reads for Photographers
Individualized Training
Classes for Parents

Why Sweet Shots?

Because more and more parents are picking up DSLR cameras and capturing pictures of their own kids.

A new role is emerging for the professional photographer to provide clear, simple, and concise photography classes for parents. Sweet Shots provides the resources you need to get up and running with your very own DSLR photography workshops.



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