Meet Amy

Amy is a nationally recognized, award-winning child and family photographer in the Chicago area with a client base of over a thousand happy customers.  Trained as an educator, she was an elementary school teacher for three years prior to becoming a mom, and enthusiastically weds her passion for instruction and photography in her Sweet Shots Seminars for parents.

Amy approaches photography from the perspective of a camera-crazy mom, because she’s been one since the day her first baby arrived over in 2005.  Three children and a booming photography business later, she’s learned a thing or two about how to successfully capture little ones, and has a deep desire to see parents with DSLRs learn how to do the same.

In Amy’s view, the fleeting moments of childhood are precious memories waiting to be captured… why not capture them beautifully?

Amy’s husband, Jonathan, assists her with scheduling and correspondence.

To view Amy’s work and take a peek at what she’s all about, check out her website at: