1. Capturing the details. This is obvious, but look for things that you might not normally think of: soft curls of hair on the backs of toddlers’ heads, mom’s jewelry that represents her kiddos (with a baby hand grasping it), kids’ eyelashes.

Some of the most cherished images for parents are of the tiniest details.  Details are what make each person unique, and no one knows this better than parents when thinking of their kids. Capturing details reminds parents of those moments when they are snuggling their children close, simply enjoying the connection they have with them, and noticing each and every special detail. Giving parents the opportunity to hold onto those memories is a tremendous privilege, and your macro lens can help you do it better than anything else.

2. Macro lenses make AMAZING portrait lenses. The clarity and detail is breathtaking. Use your macro lens for any and all close ups of kids’ faces!

Along with capturing details, you can specifically zero in on every curve and crease in a child’s sweet face. Once again, this allows parents to truly remember and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of their children, giving them that special connection that can’t be captured by shots taken further away.

3. Use your macro lens to tell the story. Don’t forget to capture bits of the setting that contribute to the overall feel of the post. Is it an autumn session? Be sure to grab some stunning close-ups of the leaves. Is the session in the springtime? Pull in a few shots of the flowers. Is it a shoot in the rain with raincoats and galoshes? Look for a chance to capture water droplets hanging from leaves or branches.

Photography is about memories and capturing moments. Along with providing beautiful images, your role is the privilege of capturing an experience. Parents can often be distracted during photo sessions – help them both to notice and to remember the narrative their family is telling as they bring up their children, helping them to navigate the joys and challenges of daily life. Zeroing in on the seemingly mundane details will provide the backdrop and setting for them to hold onto for years to come.