Amy Tripple

Amy is the creative heart and mind behind Sweet Shots.  She sets the tone and casts the vision for providing the best DSLR photography training for parents anywhere.

She is a nationally recognized, award-winning child and family photographer with a client base of well over one thousand satisfied families. Trained as an educator, she was a professional teacher prior to becoming a mom, and enthusiastically weds her passion for teaching and photography in her Sweet Shots classes for parents.

Amy approaches photography from the perspective of a camera-crazy mom, because she’s been one since the day her first baby arrived in 2005. Three children and a booming photography business later, she is one of the foremost experts on child and family photography, and has a deep desire to empower parents to capture their own families.

Amy believes the fleeting moments of childhood are precious memories waiting to be captured, so why not capture them beautifully?

Amy lives in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove and her studio is located in the nearby village of Lemont.

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MelissaCommunications Director

Melissa makes sure all the channels stay open. She assists Amy with client and vendor engagement, and handles all public relations. Virtually all communication flows through her. She is a terrific communicator and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Besides working with Sweet Shots, Melissa is on a mission to have an entire petting zoo in her living room.

JonathanBusiness Manager

Jonathan is responsible for the nuts and bolts of the operation. After nearly 10 years of managing a photography company, he has developed in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business aspects of the photography world, including incorporation, insurance, taxes and more. He also brings his technological acumen to bear on website deployment and management, SEO optimization, and targeted social media advertising. He is irritatingly obsessed with Notre Dame football and basketball.
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