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How to Manage Pre-Shoot Anxiety


You’re sitting in a parking lot, camera in hand, waiting for a family of five to arrive for their first photo session with you. Memory sticks are cleared, lenses cleaned, batteries charged… so why are there bird-sized butterflies knocking around in your insides??? Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. Having been a full-time photographer [...]

How to Manage Pre-Shoot Anxiety2016-11-21T15:04:57-05:00

3 Ways to Use Your Macro Lens


1. Capturing the details. This is obvious, but look for things that you might not normally think of: soft curls of hair on the backs of toddlers’ heads, mom’s jewelry that represents her kiddos (with a baby hand grasping it), kids’ eyelashes. Some of the most cherished images for parents are of the tiniest details. [...]

3 Ways to Use Your Macro Lens2016-11-21T15:04:57-05:00

Photoshop Elements vs CC… Which One’s for You?


Selecting an editing software is a central decision for photographers of all skill levels. While you'll be ready to print or share some images straight out of the camera, other images you will want to edit and enhance. Often, the question that arises is whether to use Photoshop Elements ("PSE") or Photoshop Creative Cloud ("CC"). Both [...]

Photoshop Elements vs CC… Which One’s for You?2016-11-21T15:04:57-05:00

5 Inexpensive Photography Tools I Can’t Live Without


If you've looked into purchasing additional photography equipment, you know that the choices are limitless - as are the costs. And yet, building out your collection doesn’t have to be expensive. These five items will give you that extra boost you're looking for, without breaking the bank. 1. Reflector... A reflector is an excellent way to add light [...]

5 Inexpensive Photography Tools I Can’t Live Without2016-11-21T15:04:57-05:00