Sweet Shots Level I Instructor Collection

Sweet Shots Level I Instructor Collection


Incorporating camera classes for parents into your business does so much more than bring in direct income. It can exponentially increase your reach, connectivity, and demand as a photographer!

The Sweet Shots Level I Instructor Collection comes with everything you need to get your first photography class off-the-ground!

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Included in the Sweet Shots Level One Instructor Kit:

Instructor Script

This fail-proof instructor’s guide is an easy-to-follow, word-for-word outline that seamlessly corresponds to the slideshow and student workbook. The material in our curriculum works; your students will walk out of class understanding what you’ve taught. We want you to feel confident as you present the material to your students!

Student Workbook

Our beautiful, professionally-designed student workbook will both impress and inspire your students. These workbooks directly correspond to the script and slideshow so your students can follow along with ease. When the class is over, they’ll take their completed workbook home as a reminder of the positive experience they shared with you.

Complete Marketing Kit

We want you to succeed! Included in the curriculum kit are a number of helpful videos by Amy sharing important insight from her many years of experience: Speaking to a Group, Preparing for your First Class, Frequently Asked Student Questions, and Teaching Students with Different Camera Models.

Professionally-Designed Slideshow

Our beautiful, animated slideshow is filled with all the necessary illustrations and images you’ll need to visually illustrate each skill you’ll teach. The slideshow is provided in both PowerPoint and PDF formats. Don’t have a projector? We share our recommended projectors and screens in our welcome document!

Topics Covered in the Sweet Shots Level I Class:

Basic camera structure/parts



Shutter speed


Depth of field

Camera modes

Lenses (focal length, minimum aperture, zoom v. prime, filter size)

Exposure compensation

Basic lighting techniques

Basic composition techniques

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