What IS a DSLR, anyway? The term DSLR stands for “Digital Single Lens Reflex”… it’s a camera that is made up of a body and lenses that are interchangeable.  Some popular DSLRs are: the Canon Rebel, EOS Rebel, and EOS series, the Nikon D-series, the Sony A-series, and the Pentax K-series.

How do I know if I should skip Level I and start with Level II? The Level I class is absolutely packed with information about your DSLR and is the best starting place for almost all new or inexperienced DSLR owners.  However, if you’re thinking about starting with Level II, here are some things to consider… You’ll be comfortable in the Level II class if  you’re already familiar with the following concepts: camera modes, aperture (and its effect on your image’s depth-of-field), focus modes, changing focus points, shutter-relase modes, flash usage, and ISO.

What should I bring to the class? Bring your camera, of course! Additionally, it’s a great idea to bring a notebook and pen, your camera’s user manual, and any extra lenses, flashes, or accessories that you have.

Do I need any equipment other than a DSLR to come to the classes? No – just bring along what you already have… you will receive tips and suggestions for additional lenses and accessories at the class.

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