“You are so blessed with a gift to teach. I am so grateful that you are here!  I took a few pics of my kids today.  I already see a improvement in my photography.”

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your class yesterday.  I have taken a LOT of classes at Calumet, North Central, Chicago Photography Center…but only after YOUR class was I able to go home and shoot manual with confidence!” I know I still have a lot of practicing to do, but now, I am not afraid to try.”

“Thank you for your mentoring, your guidance, & your kindness. You are 1 in a million!”

“I really enjoyed Amy’s presentation. I have done the COD non-credit class that was exactly as Amy put it: “Not for MOMS.”  This was easy to understand and taught me more than I was ever taught when I worked at a digital portrait studio in the Fox Valley Mall 7 years ago!”

“The classes were great and I was so glad that I went!”

“I was unsure how this class was going to be, because I took a college course last year on film photography. I thought that this class may be too easy. I was SO wrong! I knew a lot of the terms that Amy was using, because of my previous class. However, she explained things in a way that was so easy to understand. I came home to my husband and showed him what every single button on my camera meant. I was so impressed by her ability to make things so easy to understand. It is very easy to tell that she is a teacher. She just has a great personality overall. I am now SO excited that I am taking her level 2 course at the end of February. I cannot wait to learn more from her!!!! I will definitely be recommending this class to everyone! It was much more worth the money than the six photography books and manual dvd that I have NEVER opened!!!! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from her!”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Sweet Shots Seminar. I learned so much from you! I came to the session nervous and within minutes was relaxed by your easy-going, fun, enthusiastic nature!! I left extremely motivated to dive into photography head first! It was nice to learn the basics in a language I can understand…”

“Thank you for the wonderful class! I couldn’t wait to get home to shoot (oops, I mean capture) my little sweetie. Such fun! The style of the class and your teaching methods were simple, straightforward and contained exactly the right amount of information. I am no longer intimidated by my camera. Because I was not so overwhelmed with information, I was able to go home and immediately put into practice what I learned.”

– Sweet Shots alumni