Do you long to capture better images of your family more consistently, week in and week out? If your answer is “yes!”… do you feel as though you’re accomplishing that goal?

By now you may have realized that there’s more to getting great pictures than owning a camera. Understanding your camera’s settings as well as basic photography concepts can mean the difference between a ho-hum picture and a truly memorable one, but there’s even more to it than that:

Comprehensive family photography is incomplete without the inspiration, accountability and structure ALL busy parents need to make capturing our families’ memories a priority.


SHOOT ALONG was born out of a desire to bring these facets together to empower those who dream of beautifully documenting their own families. Being your family’s “memory keeper” requires a combination of camera knowledge, inspiration, structure, and accountability… SHOOT ALONG is for parents who want to take better pictures. Just like you.

Expert Instruction and Guidance
  • Lessons, editing videos and examples sent every week
  • Instruction at your own pace
  • Suitable for all levels and all types of cameras
  • Take as much time as you need to master new skills
  • Project runs for a full year: January 1st – December 31st
  • Learning fits with your schedule
Supportive Community
  • Members from six continents – be inspired by something new
  • Private online community to share your progress with like-minded parents
  • Subscription is all-inclusive, no add-on costs
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Receive helpful feedback and encouragement from other members when you share your photos

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