Are you ready to teach camera classes to parents?

Sweet Shots gives photographers all the tools they need to confidently plan, prepare, and teach camera classes for parents.

If you haven’t heard about how adding camera classes to our business significantly increased our income and influence, take a minute to read about it here. Having taught our Sweet Shots classes to thousands of local parents for the past six years, we’re both proud and excited to offer the complete curriculum, teaching guide, and support materials to fellow photographers everywhere.

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The Instructor Pack is a curriculum, similar to that used in school or academic settings.

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When you buy the Sweet Shots Instructor Pack,
we give you everything you’ll need to add camera classes to your business framework:

  • Our beautiful student workbook PDF. This printable guide includes a customizable PSD file for you to incorporate into the workbook, which allows you to add your personal logo, bio image, welcome letter, and business information. The workbook is professionally designed to introduce the photography concepts in a straightforward and easy-to-follow way. Use our version, or customize it to suit your preferences.
  • Corresponding Slideshow. Our beautiful, animated slideshow is filled with all the necessary illustrations and images you’ll need to visually supplement the student workbooks. The slideshow is provided in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats. Don’t have a projector? The workbook already has everything your students will need to understand the concepts presented. (Note: most public libraries have A/V equipment that you can borrow for the weekend!)
  • A step-by-step instructor outline. This fail-safe instructor’s guide comes complete with prompts, tips, and an easy to follow word-for-word outline, which seamlessly corresponds to the included slideshow. We want you to feel confident as you present the material to your students!
  • Pre-written emails for easy communication with your students. The pre-class email includes open text for you to include the address, date and time, and contact information, as well as a list of what students should bring. The post-class email includes text that encourages future connections, referrals, and equipment purchases.
  • A list of our favorite instructor resources. We’ll share our best recommendations for workbook printing labs, location ideas, and more!
  • A complete guide of camera models for instructors. We want our teachers to feel confident when teaching the Sweet Shots classes, regardless of what equipment the students bring! Our camera models guide includes clearly outlined diagrams explaining the functions of all covered settings for four primary camera brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. The models guide is color-coded to integrate seamlessly with the Instructor outline for stress-free reference.

In this short video from Amy, you’ll hear her passion for supporting photographers as they expand their businesses through teaching camera classes.

Supplying you with the resources and support you need to grow your business is our passion.

Are you ready to be a Sweet Shots instructor?

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