What you get:


The Sweet Shots curriculum is so much more than your average printable student workbook.

We set you up with a gold mine of resources to ensure success right from the start!


the full script

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This fail-proof instructor’s guide is an easy-to-follow, word-for-word outline that seamlessly corresponds to the slideshow and student workbook. The material in our curriculum works; your students will walk out of class understanding what you’ve taught. We want you to feel confident as you present the material to your students!


Word-for-word. Does speaking in front of a crowd make you nervous? Our script will give you the confidence you need to teach

Corresponds to our slideshow and student workbook. Any answer your students will fill in as they follow along in their workbook is clearly marked in your script so there’s no confusion.

Fully customizable. Want to make some tweaks? Have at it! The script is delivered as a Word document so you can make the changes necessary to personalize it to your teaching style.


the student workbook

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Our beautiful, professionally-designed student workbook will both impress and inspire your students. These workbooks directly correspond to the script and slideshow so your students can follow along with ease. When the class is over, they’ll take their completed workbook home as a reminder of the positive experience they shared with you.


Created by an educator. With an degree in education and years of experience teaching photography in schools and to parents, Amy understands how photography is taught most effectively.

Seamlessly correlated. The workbook makes it easy for your students to follow along and learn as they fill in answers highlighted in the slideshow and in your script.

Beautifully designed. The workbook is a classy representation of your business; it will go home with your students to remind them of the positive, professional experience they had with you in class.

Fully customizable. The student workbook is delivered in both PDF and .psd formats. You have full control over the colors, images, and text to make it your own.

Format options. Two versions are included for the student workbook: an 8x8 booklet you can send directly to the printer (recommendations included) or a letter-size version for easy printing at home.


a professionally-designed slideshow

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Our beautiful, animated slideshow is filled with all the necessary illustrations and images you’ll need to visually illustrate each skill you’ll teach. The slideshow is provided in both PowerPoint and PDF formats. Don’t have a projector? We share our recommended projectors and screens in our welcome document!


Fully customizable. Each concept is demonstrated through bright, clean image examples, fully licensed for you to use in your classes. Should you want to show off your own, work, however, changing these images is simple.

Clear illustrations. Teaching concepts like depth-of-field, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO can be easy to complicate. The professional illustrations in our slideshow keep the ideas simple and straightforward.

Photo Examples. Each concept is demonstrated through bright, clean image examples, fully licensed for you to use in your classes.


a complete marketing kit

Marketing Kit.jpg

We want your classes to fill! Included in the Sweet Shots package is a complete marketing plan and the graphics and templates you need to get your classes out there for all to see! Additionally, we include pre- and post-class email templates to send to your students so you can fully prepare them for the class and stay in touch with them once it’s done.


Pre-Class Email Templates. Prepare your students for their upcoming classes by sending out a professional email. Included, you’ll find a warm welcome, a place for you to share important details such as location, time, what-to-bring, and more.

Post-Class Email Templates. Once your class is finished, you have the opportunity to touch base with your students via email. By doing this, you’ll stay in front of them, giving you the perfect chance to directly market photo sessions and future classes!

Social Media Ads. Included in the marketing kit is a set of professionally-designed ads created for use on Facebook and Instagram.


training videos

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We want you to succeed! Included in the curriculum kit are a number of helpful videos by Amy sharing important insight from her many years of experience:


Speaking to a Group. What does it take to give your students an engaging, positive class experience? Amy shares her practical tips and tricks for giving your students an experience they’ll rave about.

Preparing For Your First Class. Amy will walk you through everything you need to know to set up for your first class. This video includes a printable checklist so you can walk into your first class with confidence, being sure you haven’t missed a thing!

Frequently Asked Student Questions. “Where should I print my pictures?” “Why are all my pictures inside yellow?” “What do I do if my kids run from the camera?” There are a handful of questions that tend to come up in every class. Amy will share answers to these common questions so you’ll feel prepared as you stand in front of your group.

Teaching students with different camera models. You shoot Nikon… but some of your students bring Canons! No need to panic… Amy will walk you through the basics of each camera brand (Nikon, Canon, and Sony) so you feel equipped to handle every setting covered in class, regardless of the camera!