As the branches of social media continue to rise in both engagement and importance, photographers are experiencing increasing pressure to maintain a strong online presence. While there are lots of amazing benefits to these online communities, it can be overwhelming for photographers to stay current and engaged with multiple social media channels at one time.

To say that social media has become a major time suck is, at this point, a pretty bold understatement… what’s a photographer to do???

Streamline and automate, that’s what!

Below are our five favorite tips for successfully maintaining an amazing online presence while saving yourself loads of precious time:

1. Plan it out. An hour of planning at the beginning of the week will save you an enormous amount of time later on. Why? Efficiency! Just like the discovery of the assembly line, staying single-minded when creating your Facebook and Instagram marketing will allow you to grab, caption, and tag multiple pictures at once. This step also ensures that you have enough content to last the week! To help organize your thoughts, download the Social Media Planning Guide for Photographers (it’s free!). Print off four copies, give them a quick hole punch, and stick the guide in your favorite binder to help you keep track of a month’s worth of posts. Boom baby!

2. Use To schedule your Instagram posts, look into the online platform It’s a fairly easy-to-use website that will allow you to post up to 30 times from a single Instagram account each month… for free! Because Instagram will not let anyone but *you* post to your account, will send you notifications on your phone that allow you to easily copy and paste your planned posts right into your Instagram app. Groovy!

FB Scheduling

3. Utilize Facebook’s “Schedule” feature. If you haven’t discovered this beautiful little gem, it’s time to go check it out. If you know about it but haven’t been using it, today is the day! Facebook makes it very easy to create posts and schedule them to appear on your page on a specific date and time, which means you don’t have to jump onto your Facebook page multiple times per day to post. Be sure to include engaging captions that encourage comments, and you’ll see your engagement and edgerank increase in no time!
4. Look into Hootsuite is a more robust online platform that can be overwhelming at first glance. The benefit of Hootsuite, however, is that it allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at one time. Like, Hootsuite offers a free account, only this account will manage up to three social media streams at once… one for your Facebook page, once for you Instagram account, and one for your Pinterest account! 🙂
5. Set your timer. The trouble with social media is that, well… it’s SOCIAL! It’s hard to simply “pop online” to quickly respond to a few comments on your FB or Instagram board without wandering over to your timeline or getting lost down rabbit trails of kitten videos and political drama. If you set your timer and only allow yourself 20 minutes, however, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done within that short amount of time.

The bottom line? As a photographer, you simply can’t afford to be inconsistent social media participants anymore, but that doesn’t mean it has to eat up your day. Remember… plan, plan, plan… and you’ll have hours of extra time throughout the week to thank yourself for!

Click here to grab our downloadable Social Media Planner for Photographers and get planning!

download the social media planning guide for photographers