The best way to feel comfortable teaching classes is to be as prepared as possible! Below are videos highlighting the things we feel will be most helpful as you get ready to teach camera classes to parents:



Speaking in Front of a Crowd

Do you get a bit anxious at the thought of speaking in front of a crowd? In this video, I'll share my favorite tricks for feeling cool, calm, and collected so you can communicate your message clearly!



Preparing for Your First Class

Are you ready to teach your first camera class? Here's a quick run-through to be sure you're not missing anything!



Frequently Asked Questions

Your students will have lots of questions as you teach your camera classes! Here are some of the most frequently asked ones and the answers I give.



Teaching To Different Camera Models

Chances are you're a "one-brand" shooter... but your students will bring many different kinds of cameras! In this video, you'll learn how to address this issue and teach to multiple camera brands at the same time!