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Why Teach?

The answer is simple: teaching photography classes grows your business.

Incorporating camera classes for parents into your business does so much more than bring in direct income. It can exponentially increase your reach, connectivity, and demand as a photographer!


Here are just a few of the ways you’ll see your business benefit:

  • You’ll create an entry-point for potential clients. Class participants often come back for photography sessions as a result of their familiarity with you.

  • You’ll interact with your clients outside of photography sessions, solidifying your relationship with them.

  • You’ll directly boost your bottom line. A class of ten participants at ninety-nine dollars per student brings in nearly one thousand dollars. Build up your class offerings to quarterly or monthly and reap the benefits of a new stream of income!

  • Teaching photography classes requires no follow-up work. Spend 2-3 hours teaching, then walk away without an ounce of culling, editing, or client consultations.




Fill your first class…

Are you ready to jump in but concerned about the turnout? We can help!

Watch our free webinar containing a step-by-step guide to filling your first class and beginning your journey as a photography instructor today!